Flexo photopolymer plate making equipment
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    FIP A4 LTP FG (3 IN 1)

    FIP A4 FG / FIP FG Label /Card / Pad /Stamp

    FIP A4 FG / FIP FG Label /Card / Pad /Stamp:-

    FIPA4 / FIPA3LT-for letterpress
    FIPA4 / FIPA3LR-for liquid resin
    FIPA4 / FIPA3FL-for flexography
    FIPA4 / FIPA3FB-for FIP FlexoBag

    Model Unit Measurement (Cm) N/W G/W WATT
    FIPA4 FG
    FIPA3 FG
    760 x 650 x 400
    940 x 770x 400
    1.2 KW

    New modern design CAD/CNC cut body with outdoor A/C treatment / paint plus stainless steel tank all unit rust free. Warranty for ever free for first year.High intensity original Philips lamp good for 200LPI 1% dot reproduction

    We offer Letterpress Photopolymer Plate making machines that are basically used in the printing industry. Like Letterpress ,Stationary Printing ,Dry offset Printing ,Embossing etc..Our broad range of machines is known for sturdy construction, superior performance and less maintenance. These are made following industrial norms and standards, moreover we provide customization according to our client’s specifications.

    For Letterpress


    Label, film, paper, corrugated board, Adhesive taps ,paper carton, knitting bag, Tetra pack etc

    Plate Suitable :

    Toyobo , Cosmo light , Toray , Tore flex , Jet ,DuPont , Asahi , Cyrel etc Standard thicknesses include 0.73mm, 0.95mm ,1.14mm ,1.17mm , 1.75mm ,2.84mm ,4.7mm ,6.00mm , Special thicknesses can be provided on order.

    Model No:

    FIP A4 LTP ,FIP A3 LTP Exposure + washer + Dryer. (All 3 in 1 Unit) All stainless steel

    Flexo Letterpress Photopolymer Making Machines

    We provide high quality made Stamp Making Machines A4 LR that are developed as per the industry as well as other standards. Our machines have received huge appreciation from our clients due to their design and user friendly operations. We cater to various industries with our Stamp Making A4 LTR machineries, ensuring about the durability. We offer them at market leading prices to our valued customers.

    Model Plate Working Size Functaion
    FIP A4LTP 9 x 13 Inch 8 x 12 Inch Exposure + washer +Dryer (3In 1)
    FIP A3LTP 13 x 18 Inch 11 X 16 Inch Exposure + washer +Dryer (3In 1)

    Relevant Features of FIP Exposure unit

    In order to acquire a suitable printing Consequence It is of the uppermost Important that the plate have been properly & suitably expose with High devotion U.V.A tubes Metal Halide lamp (non-compulsory) Process Totally Restraint by Digital Timers / PLC controlled( non-compulsory) With best lamps cooling Exhaustion method high Competent Vacuum Pump.

    Relevant Features of FIP Washer unit

    Very Defined and Simple (Comfort) admittance devise. Easily and speedily adaptable, To hold different Types and size of plates. Particular bristle for superior effect all kind plates washout .

    Relevant Features of FIP Drying unit

    An ideal (Just right) assortment of drying drawer with standardized consistent high temperature allocation Temperature adjustable by a Digital controller Automatic Reproducible procedure (Setting Time and Temperature Energy Saving) Thanks to Good Insulation and procedure surroundings.